Reliable Support System - Support CentreWe support operation of a bicycle parking lot 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We wanted to build a bicycle parking lot that everyone can use with peace of mind. With that in mind, NCD's Support Centre consistently takes care of everything from response to users to operation and management.
We will take all possible measures to implement a comfortable bicycle parking lot including appropriate response to users by our staff members and review of operation based on analysis of data on bicycle parking lot by putting IT technology to full use.

Photo: Support Centre

Appropriate response is available

Photo: Appropriate response is available

Our experienced professional staff members are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We will identify the cause of a query from a user of the bicycle parking lot, for example, "cannot be unlocked" and handle appropriately.

Resolving a problem promptly

Photo: Resolving a problem promptly

If the machine cannot be unlocked by a user, unlocking by remote control is possible. In case something happens, we will immediately resolve a problem on site in cooperation with security company and field staff.

Service improvement

By making use of feedback from users for operation of bicycle parking lots, we strive to further improve services.

We treat every user respectfully.

Freephone and video phone are offered for making queries, so that users can use a bicycle parking lot easily. After assessing user's situation, appropriate measures are taken. All staff members, who receive training in telephone skills, respond to every user politely.

Photo: Service improvement

Optimal operation of a bicycle parking lot for many years to come

Online centralised management of nationwide bicycle parking equipment by taking advantage of information technologies acquired as system development company. We compile and analyze situation of receipt and history of sales of individual bicycle parking lots.

  • Receipt status management screen

    Receipt status management screen

  • Sales history management screen

    Sales history management screen

  • Other


Various aggregate analyses charts can be viewed. Based on data, optimal operation for many years to come will be implemented, including addition of bicycle parking equipment and review of rate plan.

Detailed services

Contact by freephone is available
We accept query from a place other than the adjustment machine or query by freephone as backup measures in case a problem occurs in telephone line of the adjustment machine.
Security guard to be sent out in emergency situation
In case of fault such as failure to unlock by remote control or in emergency, we send out a security guard.
Safety management using security cameras (optional)
To know the situation on site in an emergency, we can install security cameras upon request.