EcoStation21 standing at the forefront of solution to bicycle parking problems

Examples of introducing EcoStation21 from beautification and activation of the area in front of a station to creation of secure and safe town

  • Photo: Use of a footpath (Route 17)
  • Photo: As a designated manager (area around Sugamo Station, Toshima Ward)
  • Photo: Renovation of bicycle parking lot (NOCTY Mizonokuchi)
  • Photo: Cooperation with public and private sectors and addition of facility for motorcycles (Aoi Dori Street, Shibuya Ward, etc.)
  • Examples of introducing EcoStation21
  • Photo: Use of open space (Higashi-Kanagawa SATY)
  • Photo: Use of space under elevated railway tracks(Koiwa PoPo, Edogawa Ward)
  • Photo: Urban development (Frespo Yashio, Yashio City)
  • Photo: Use of public land (East exit of Toda Koen Station)