Ability to solve bicycle parking problems and change the future

EcoStation21 is a bicycle parking management system using a computer network, which was developed by Nippon Computer Dynamics (NCD). We would like to use our expertise, which helped various companies resolve problems by taking advantage of information technology, to contribute to the well-being of people. With that thought, we have implemented "a bicycle parking lot that everyone can use with peace of mind 24 hours a day, 365 days a year".
Resolving bicycle parking problems regenerates a city beautifully and changes the life of people to a pleasant one. That is our mission.

Abilities of EcoStation21

Ability to research
To diagnose the cause of bicycle parking problems which vary with the local environment, we not only conduct traffic surveys and demographic surveys, but also meticulously investigate problems from every angle.
Ability to plan
Based on the results of analysis, we design a bicycle parking lot most suitable for solving problems. With a view to synergistic effect on the area around the facility, we propose a total plan including the location where the equipment is installed, the amount of equipment and rate plan.
Ability to support
To continue to provide safe and pleasant operation of a bicycle parking lot after installation, our staff members support our customers efficiently and professionally. By making the most of feedback from users and computerised data, we will perform optimal management over the years ahead.

Starting with EcosStation21, a circle of the comfortable life will expand.
Solution to shortage of bicycle parking lots, beautification of the area around a station, activation of shopping area in front of a station, provision of a footpath and carriageway, safe and secure barrier-free urban planning, urban redevelopment, earth-friendly use of bicycles