Photo: Example - Renovation of commercial facility

 Example - Renovation of commercial facilityPreventing a bicycle parking problem by getting involved in creation of a town around a new station

Photo: View of Yashio Station
Photo: Bicycle parking lot
Yashio City, Saitama Prefecture
Large commercial facility, Frespo Yashio

When the first station was opened in Yashio City in summer, 2005, Frespo Yashio, a large commercial facility, opened. Since bicycles of station users were expected to be left, EcoStation21 was introduced in anticipation of future demand. NCD got involved in creation of a new town and made efforts to beautify the area around the station, which is a gateway to Yashio City, and to preserve the environment in cooperation with Frespo Yashio.

Preventing a problem before it happens

Photo: Parking lot

When Tsukuba Express was put into service, the first station was established in Yashio City. Yashio City focused all its energies on creation of a town and as part of its effort, the city laid down the regulation concerning prevention of illegal parking of bicycles, etc. In response to this, Frespo Yashio, a large commercial facility which opened as the new station was established, considered building a bicycle parking lot to park bicycles on the ground on the premise.
During that time Frespo Yashio was informed of the seriousness of bicycle parking problems within the premises of a commercial facility in front of a station by affiliated stores.Frespo Yashio was introduced to NCD's EcoStation21, a parking system with a proven record of solving these problems.

The most important thing is planning

Photo: Bicycle parking lot and a person

Before introducing a bicycle parking lot, NCD carefully works out a plan. In the case of a commercial facility adjacent to a station, simply creating a bicycle parking lot may cause overflow bicycles of station users, resulting in shortage of bicycle parking space for shoppers, deteriorating landscape of the area around the facility and damage to the image of the facility.
In order to prevent this, it is important to determine the required quantity for the site where EcoStation21 is introduced and to effectively accommodate the number of bicycles on the limited area. It is also important to set a parking fee which does burden facility users.Because the station was newly opened, no prior information was available. NCD worked out a plan as accurate as possible by forecasting bicycle users in the future in Yashio City.

Proposing the method most suitable for area and facility

Photo: Bicycle parking lot and a person

By allowing for people commuting to Yashio Station from a long distance, NCD proposed installation of parking space for small and medium motorcycles. An easily accessible bicycle parking machine (A Lock) with large space between bicycles was introduced so that people coming to the commercial facility can use the parking lot easily. Based on the result of the research, NCD proposed an optimal method in cooperation with Frespo Yashio.

Preventing bicycle parking of users of the station over an extended time period and abandoned bicycles

As for parking fee, NCD proposed to offer free parking for the first three hours, so that people coming to the facility can enjoy leisurely shopping.As measures against bicycles of those other than shoppers parking over an extended time period , it was decided to charge 100 yen for each succeeding 10 hours.This resulted in a great success. Parking of bicycles of station users for many hours did not cause inconvenience to shoppers and Frespo Yashio does not have to bother with removing abandoned bicycles. Beautiful landscape of the area around the facility is also maintained (kept, preserved beautifully).

High utilization, contributing to beautification of area around the station

Photo: Bicycle parking lot and a person

As Yashio City developed due to establishment of the station, the population grew and the number of people using bicycles increased, but the area around Yashio City is still known as a beautiful area without unwanted parking of bicycles.
EcoStation21 at Frespo Yashio shows steady growth for an additional 200 units. NCD is proud that its easy-to-use EcoStation21 protects the environment of the town has been accepted by residents in the city and has contributed to beautification of the town. We would like to continue to contribute to the well-being of people.

OrganisationFrespo Yashio

[Facility Name] Frespo Yashio

[Address] 822-1 Oze, Yashio City, Saitama Prefecture

[Along railway line/Station] Tsukuba Express, Yashio Station

Time when the system was introducedMarch 2006
Model introducedA Lock(400mm-pitch) 459 bicycles and 141 bicycles
Operation typeEquipment provided

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