Photo: Example - Use of public land

Example - Use of public landDeveloped on "public land" by inviting operator from the general public, resulting in resolving the city's bicycle parking problem

Photo: Station and school commuter
Photo: Gate to bicycle parking lot
Toda City, Saitama Prefecture
JR Saikyo Line, Toda Koen Station East Exit

Saikyo Line connecting the center of Tokyo and Saitama Prefecture was put into service in 1985. Three stations, including Toda Koen, Toda and Kita-Toda were established in Toda City. Though Toda City is adjacent to Tokyo, no railway service was available. Taking the advantage of this opportunity of the opening of the Saikyo Line, Toda City grew rapidly as a commuter town and its population increased rapidly. The area around the station began overflowing with bicycles of commuters. Toda City established a bicycle parking lot that accommodates 5,000 bicycles under the elevated railway tracks. However, an increase in users was far higher than expected and further measures were required.

Let out city-owned land and invited operators from the general public

In order to resolve an increase in bicycles of commuters, Toda City enacted a plan for letting out the land held for a city planning road to the private sector for building a bicycle parking lot.The city invited several private companies including NCD.

Proposed a plan based on characteristics of the area

Photo: Bicycle parking lot

NCD carefully surveyed the immediate environment and carried out accurate planning based on expertise acquired over the years. Based on the estimate of more users commuting to work or to school than temporary users, NCD devised a rate plan that would not put burden on regular users. Convenience and management advantages of EcoStation21 were highly valued and NCD was selected as an operator from among several companies.

Bicycle parking lot showing a high ratio of utilization, track record of business on loaned land

Photo: Bicycle parking lot

Bicycle parking lot opened at east exit of Toda Koen Station in 2006. Neatly organized and convenient bicycle parking lot was well-received by users and other interested parties. It is still highly utilized.
Gate type equipment was introduced. When the parking lot is full, the gate is closed and bicycles left in the parking lot can be prevented.
NCD plans to proactively address this type of project, i.e., development of bicycle parking lot using public land and idle land.

OrganisationToda City, Saitama Prefecture

[Facility name] Bicycle parking lot at east exit of Toda Koen Station

[Address] Toda City, Saitama Prefecture

[Along railway line/Station] JR Saikyo Line, Toda Koen Station

Time when the system was introducedAugust 2006
Model introducedGate type 363 bicycles and 49 motorcycles
Operation typeEquipment provided

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