Photo: Example  - Renovation of bicycle parking lot

Example - Renovation of bicycle parking lotBy applying for a special economic zone, resolved bicycle parking problem in open space in cooperation with public and private sectors!

Photo: Bicycle parking lot
Photo: NOCTY Mizonokuchi
NOCTY Mizonokuchi, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture

The area around Mizonokuchi Station was called the fourth worst in the nation for abandoned bicycles. NOCTY Mizonokuchi, a commercial facility adjacent to the station, was also suffering from serious bicycle parking problems. Since the area in question called "open area" was a private land, the government could not remove the bicycles. Because of the regulation of Kawasaki City, installation of a bicycle parking lot was not allowed. NCD made installation of the nation's first bicycle parking lot in open space possible in Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture. Based on its expertise, the Company proposed to apply for designation of a special economic zone. As a result, in cooperation with Kawasaki City and NOCTY Mizonokuchi, "EcoStation21, a coin-operated bicycle parking lot, was introduced and has been successful.

The area was the fourth-worst in the nation in terms of abandoned bicycles

NOCTY Mizonokuchi is a commercial facility adjacent to Mizonokuchi Station. The area near the facility was flooded with bicycles of stations users and it was reported in the press as the fourth-worst in the nation in terms of the bicycle parking problems. Kawasaki City installed a municipal paid bicycle parking lot in the underground of NOCTY Mizonokuchi, but the rate of utilization was low because it was located underground. The area near NOCTY where a bicycle can be easily parked for free was a perfect bicycle parking space.Because the area was on private land, NOCTY Mizonokuchi could not request the government to remove the bicycles and agonized over the problem.While they were seeking solutions to the problem, they heard about NCD and contacted us.

Without cooperation between public and private sectors, it is difficult to solve the problem

Photo: Bicycle parking lot

A large number of bicycles were parked in the area of "open space" of NOCTY Mizonokuchi. Open space is the space provided within the premise of a building or a court as measures against landscape worsened by high-rise buildings. Though the space is the private land of a building owner, it is required to make it freely accessible to the public. It is not allowed to fence or build a structure in this space.
Initially Kawasaki City did not permit creation of a bicycle parking lot in the open space.In order to solve the problem, it was necessary to overcome this regulation in a joint effort between NOCTY Mizonokuchi and Kawasaki City.

Application for designation a special economic zone made it possible to install a bicycle parking lot

NCD succeeded in installing the nation's first bicycle parking lot in open space by applying for a special economic zone in Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture. Based on this experience, we advised and obtained a reply of permission to apply from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, saying "Roofless bicycle parking is not considered as a structure and its installation in open space is permitted pursuant to the regulation of Kanagawa Prefecture." As a result, the project for installing a bicycle parking lot in open space of NOCTY Mizonokuchi began.

Installation of bicycle parking lot provides many benefits

Photo: Bicycle parking lot

Before installing a bicycle parking lot, NCD participated in discussions with Kawasaki City and NOCTY Mizonokuchi and clarified issues. As a result, it was decided to focus on the following three points: "Ensure the safety of pedestrians", "Invigorate municipal bicycle parking lot" and "Provide bicycle parking space for shoppers".
As the solutions to these, NCD proposed to offer free parking in open space for the first two and a half hours and charge 100 yen for each succeeding four hours.We guided station users to the municipal bicycle parking lot that charges less.Because bicycles were redirected to the municipal bicycle parking lot, bicycle parking space was secured for users of NOCTY Mizonokuchi.Installation of bicycle parking racks allowed bicycles that blocked textured paving blocks and passage to stand in neat rows and made it possible for pedestrians to pass through safely.
For the method of operation, we proposed centralized management with "equipment provided" by NCD. This eliminated NOCTY Mizonokuchi having to handle the bicycle parking matter. By introducing EconStation21, the tasks were accomplished and resulted in many benefits.

Seeking to broaden a circle of well-being

Photo: Bicycle parking lot

As a result of introducing EcoStation21, we are receiving positive feedback from users of NOCTY Mizonokuchi saying "I am glad that I can park my bicycle at any time" or "I could easily walk". NCD is also very pleased to have been able to contribute to beautification of the area around the station and well-being of people. This achievement resulted in a good reputation and an introduction of EcoStation21 into affiliated stores nationwide has been positively considered.

Since the bicycle parking problem is complicated, it is necessary for the local government and private sector to cooperate in order to solve it. NCD strongly hopes that this example serves as a way to resolve the next bicycle parking problem.

Organisation introduced EcoStation21MIZONOKUCHI SHINTOSHI Co., Ltd. (NOCTY Mizonokuchi)

[Facility Name] NOCTY Mizonokuchi

[Address] 1-3-1 Mizonokuchi, Takatsu Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture (NOCTY Plaza 1)

1-4-1 Mizonokuchi, Takatsu Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture (NOCTY Plaza 2)

[Along railway line/Station] Tokyu Denen Toshi Line, Mizonokuchi Station/JR Nanbu Line Musashi Mizonokuchi Station

Time when the system was introducedFebruary 2007
Model introducedA Lock(350mm- and 400mm-pitch) 318 bicycles
Operation typeEquipment provided

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